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Legal Mentoring Scheme to help law students capitalise on their legal training.
Welcome to the Mentoring Scheme for Interactivism - Young People's Hack Weekend. This scheme is for both teams and individuals who have taken part in the hack. Sign up as either a mentee or a mentor. You will then register with the site and need to answer the scheme questions from your notification panel. Get Mentoring and hacking!
Welcome to the TechCity mentorwell profile page. Sign up if you are a startup looking to gain insights towards your business. We will be recruiting mentors to connect with you to take your plans forward. Our events will be the forum for you to meet mentors and boost your business skills.
We are the Young Entrepreneurs Society and this is our Mentor Scheme Profile Page. Welcome and please visit for more information.
An initiative to promote and help Entrepreneurs at Kingston University and a Lab to help develop ideas from concept to prototype.
The Well public knowledge
on 23/1/14
Mentorwell and Queen Mary University are planning a mentoring and pitching event for web technology researchers who want to commercialise their research. Dates are tbd but will be early March 2014. Let us know if you would like to mentor!
on 26/7/12
Check out the mentorwell iphone app here:
on 25/2/12
I launched my blog and have 35 followers already!
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